New World Creative Arts
YES ABOUT ME MYSELF I AM: Son of SUNGOD; The Original Creative ArtistCHD AmeriAfrindian, ascendant anointed, appointed, ancient Africoid Africa’s ancestry + artistry Amen-Ra. Plus + Love Goddess Mother Matriarch Madame Maat and Her happy, healthy holistic healing humor. She’s pure Love Peace & Harmony!!!
Moreover, I often hear how the public school system has let our youngest kids fall fatally, and still is presently failing these talented classroom children. There’s so much confusion, civil conflicts, combustible chaos, corrupt-crooked city cops; inclusively, inside the school buildings, bullying and intimidating teenagers and under=age small boys and girls. Handcuffing them, arresting and taking these tender kids to jails and prison detention centers, concentration camps of criminality. 

it is a hateful and hostile learning and teaching environment. One that militates against the best benefit blessings, and better interests of the attending students. And as I keep on hearing, that there is a dictators “demonocracy” democracy, devilish damnation!

instead of what I name to be: Promacracy. Positive participation of our youth in expressing their full Freedom of Artistic Expression. Unique talents, creative gifts of grace, genesis great genius and their thought originality, solely based on individuals personality.

Fortunately, I HAVE, successfully invented and created compositions that are intentionally, deliberately and purposely meant to stimulate subliminal Spiritual Sensations that are serenely sublime, soundly sane and sensible.

Digitized Dimensions Decreed Divine 4th + 5th x 6th Suspension Spiritualized: Those that raises rapid resonating and reverberating frequency vibrations. Speeds up sound waves to levels of elevated and enhanced radiant rays of elemental energies, exercising and executing excellence. Increasing inner, intrinsic, innate, inborn Spirituality into manifested, openly shown reality.

Traveling terrestrially through time tested true talents, telling total truths. That which set children’s minds, membranes memory and bright brilliant brains fully freed unto the perfect law of liberty. Welcoming and inviting them to explore expeditiously COLOR KINGDOM New World Creative Arts:

They can stay safely and securely at home, inside their own little private art studio, making meaningful musical metaphysical media, as their own optimized objectives. Middi Music, digital devices, instruments, keyboards, of all assortments or any types that they choose to learn how to play.

Mind maintainance = Mastering themselves mentally, and original songs, psychologically created compositions, instead of the instruments that are man made - manufactured material matter.

In the privacy of their personalized study spaces, bedrooms, recording centers, in concentrated focus, meaningful meditation or Spiritious prayer. Thus, while being given the truest respects and regards by the parental guardians; mothers and fathers. Respectfully asking for permission to come inside, their CyberSpaceAge Sovereign Systreams. And all adults as a mandatory must be doing, is kindly requesting right to enter their sacred and secret domains of independency and individuality!!

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 Solor Sexus Soulfood free financed  fortunes, flaming fortress of fun under our radiant rays serenely shining SUNGOD.
Soul food for talented thoughts, Soul music for mind maintainance, soul man, soul woman, soulful boys and soulful girls. Soul Train, Soul terrestrial travels. Soultrix + Spiritrix vital nutrients + nourishments!
Our Optical - Optimized Occupyneers Optional Objectives = Operations Organizational Order CyberSpaceAtge 21st Century CyberJazzBluesRapP: HipP & LapP!!
YES: My Metaphysical Musical Mediums, are raising the frequency vibration levels octaves higher and fast forewords and exercising, executing, excelling, elevating energized emotions. Those that are actualized artistries, accelerating upwards into ascension.
Specifically and strictly due to planetary sphere Mother Earth Nature, increasing Her vibration frequencies, wave lengths, magnetism and radiation. As a direct results of radiant rays of SUNGOD, HEATXZ, Hot High Holy Heavenly Father’s flaming fames, fiery fortress, financed foundational fortunes!
Unfortunately, all those public people’s populations, who are still stuck stupidly on the lower levels of wave lengths, for whatsoever rationalized reasons, are being left behind. And many multitudes in the millions are loosing their minds and bodies to permanent death, inclusively, their mental makeup, psyches, are in decay, decadence and devil damned demise!

One can not enter the ColorComPlexTrix, Divinely Decreed Digitized Dimension Fourth + Fifth; without a healthy soul and spirit presiding over their biological, physiological living human body organism.

Therefore I feed Soulfood as Funky Soul Song Season, to the youthful Per-Suns, Hue-Mains, who are willfully wanting and wishing to eat of this truest vital nutritional nourishment. Personally prescribed potent possibilities. Mind power, thought force of the Soultrix + Spiritrix.
Y'all also think truly about this testimony too: that there's is a negative-neutral or neutron interior area, intra-space zone, inside planetary sphere earth body living organism. Look up closely at my artwork design above, and see how that it represents, what's on the internal beneath, as well as what is upon the external surface. Meaning that the outside is the inside and the inside is inversely the outside, likewise. Unified universally, as dynamic equalized - equilibrium bio-balance!! My Universal IniVersal RealiVision.